Gs Pay Scale 2023 Robins Afb

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Gs Pay Scale 2023 Robins Afb – An E-8C Joint STARS aircraft takes off from the runway at Robins Air Force Base on July 12, 2023. The 9,000 members of the American Federation of Government Employees, Local 987 in Warner Robins, Ga., stand for fair wages and safe work. ahead of a possible government shutdown this weekend.

LISTEN: The impending government shutdown means millions of federal workers could lose their paychecks. Amanda Andrews reports union members want action.

Gs Pay Scale 2023 Robins Afb

The American Federation of Government Employees advocates for fair wages and job security for federal workers across the country in jobs such as corrections officers, TSA agents, police officers, park rangers and many in the Department of Veterans Affairs Soldiers, Social Security Administration, Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.

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In Georgia, AFGE membership also includes more than 9,000 members in Local 987 in Warner Robins, home of Robins Air Force Base.

The looming government shutdown means millions of federal workers could lose their paychecks if Congress doesn’t pass a budget, but even if that happens, many will have to go to work yet. AFGE recently urged members to email and call their representatives and ask them to approve the funding and stop the shutdown.

District 5 AFGE YOUNG Representative Brandon Respress works at Robbins AFB. He said the issues transcended a particular political party.

“As a union, we really look for candidates who support the labor movement, regardless of who they’re affiliated with,” Respress said. “I think as Americans as a whole, that we need to do a lot more of that when we go to the polls to avoid a situation like this.”

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Employees at Robbins Air Force Base who work for the Department of Defense are considered essential and must continue to work without pay during the closure. Respress said there is a lot of uncertainty about how the negotiations will deal with lost wages.

“If we do something under the agreement or when we reach an agreement, we can’t even tell you if we’re going to pay you back wages,” he said. “It has to be negotiated and it’s not a guarantee at all.” “

Respress said the union is proactively working to raise funds from Georgia and Alabama for federal workers in the south who may be affected by the shutdown and need gas or food.

During the last shutdown of 2019, which lasted 34 days, some government workers were forced to seek help from food banks and shelters.

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Is committed to bringing you comprehensive news coverage from Georgia, across the country and around the world. Your support makes it possible. Please consider making a gift today to support this vital public service. Warner Robins ‘Giving people a better quality of life’: Warner Robins to announce new pay scale, here’s what executives have said so far

WARNER ROBINS, Ms. – Warner Robins city workers can look forward to some extra cash flow soon. On Monday, the mayor and council will vote on the new wage scale for workers.

Mayor LaRhonda Patrick’s administration has been working since 2022 to put pressure on city workers to help. Negotiations to raise wages for Warner Robins workers began in March 2022.

Gs Pay Scale 2021 Robins Afb

“Our key workers hold the town together and should be rewarded accordingly. We need to make these jobs that we have attractive to new employers,” Councilman Derek Mack said in an interview in 2022 about workers’ compensation.

By May 2022, the city planned to allocate $2.5 million to help workers. That included a 10 percent raise for most city employees and a $4,000 bonus for police officers, firefighters and new hires. The money came from their 2023 budget.

“Right now we have so many open positions because of the exact advertised salary, so we have to do something drastic to meet that need. So to be able to hire police officers, firefighters and public workers. just jobs everywhere,” Councilor Keith Lauritsen said in a 2022 interview.

The city still has the same problem today. They are looking to fill 134 positions across police, fire, public services, utilities and stormwater departments.

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“We haven’t made a serious effort again to get candidates for these positions because all the results I’ve gotten have shown that pay is a problem,” Mayor LaRhonda Patrick said in an interview. two weeks ago.

“We were able to find over $4 million in the budget to help us find the money for these increases,” she said, referring to their 2024 budget.

Mayor Patrick told us that there will not be a standard increase, but that it will change depending on circumstances and circumstances.

“It will give people a better quality of life, we see that due to inflation, it is very difficult for people to pay mortgages and especially rent, so this is better for the city “All of us,” she said.

In Warner Robins, Union Members Urge Congress To Avoid Government Shutdown

The council will meet at a new place and time for the big announcement. They meet on Monday at 1:00 p.m. at Southern Baptist Church.

All non-essential City of Warner Robins offices will be closed from noon to 3:00 p.m. Monday for staff to attend the meeting.

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