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Gs Pay Scale For San Antonio Tx – The 2023 GS salary scale includes a 2023 federal salary increase of 4.6% on average and a 4.1% General Schedule (GS) salary increase and a 2023 local GS salary increase of 0.5% for the total increase wages for 2023 of 4.6% for government employees.

In addition to the 4.1% base wage increase, the 2023 federal wage increase includes an additional 0.5% for local wages. The document below lists the entire set of 2023 GS Local Salary Tables for Government Employees as per the Annex.

Gs Pay Scale For San Antonio Tx

The General Schedule (GS) pay system covers most public sector employees who work in professional, technical, administrative and clerical positions.

Federal Employee Gs Pay Scale Tables

There are 15 GS points that set your annual salary on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 15 (highest). The rating of each task is determined by the company that performs it, based on the level of difficulty, responsibility and required qualifications. Generally speaking, individuals enter the GS ranks through these general lines:

Most federal employees covered by the General Schedule are eligible for GS pay caps, which are geographic rates that reflect the pay levels of non-federal employees in specific geographic areas. Salary levels are determined based on research conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS measures nonfederal labor market wages and compares them to federal wages for GS workers performing similar jobs in the same geographic area.

Each GS class has 10 grade levels (steps 1-10) that allow employees to advance to higher levels throughout their government career. Intra-class increases (WGI) are taken into account based on acceptable level of work and life expectancy (grace period of 1 year in stages 1-3, e 2 years in stages 4-6 and 3 years in stages 7-9).

Each WGI represents a pay increase of 3% of the employee’s salary. Essentially, WGI is a salary increase based on partial government service and ranks in the Executive Schedule compensation system.

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AFGE Annuity Arrears Funding COLA COVID CSRS Data Sharing Donald Trump’s Election Employee Relations Election Resolution FEGLI FEHB FERS FLRA FRTIB GAO Supplemental Guidance Government Shutdown Act Hatch Holidays IRA Inflation IRS Relations Labor District Medicare Wage MSPB Temporary Office OPM Wage Increase Law Reform postage Roth Social Security Taxes Telework Travel TSP VA Unions Whistleblower Vaccinations The 2024 federal wage increase is coming to an end after President Biden released an alternative pay plan letter yesterday outlining and the amount he wants for next year’s pay raise for workers government.

Forecasting the percentage increase in prices of individual GS zones in 2024 is unrealistic. Once the calculations are complete, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) will provide a copy of the 2024 GS pay scales, including the 2024 GS pay area. This is expected to occur in December.

In March, the Biden administration proposed a 5.2% wage increase through 2024. This is the first step in a difficult process. Congress has not expressed any intention to approve another currency.

The next step came on August 31, 2023, when President Biden released a letter outlining an alternative pay plan for the 2024 federal wage increase.

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Title 5 of the United States Code authorizes me to implement other pay adjustment plans for federal civil servants covered by the focus schedule and other pay systems if, due to a “national emergency or adverse economic conditions affecting public life,” I see increases that may be justified if not necessary.

Congress may also enact laws specifying the amount of compensation. Since this wasn’t done earlier this year, and there are many areas Congress could work on in the proposed legislation, it’s possible, but unlikely, that it will happen for government employee pay for 2024.

Biden said the 5.2% wage increase, assuming this is the final amount, would be spread between an average of 0.5% for local wage zones and an overall wage increase of 4.7%, according to the letter.

For 2023, the average price is 4.6%. Federal employee pay increases in 2023 will be the largest in 20 years. Under the Bush administration, the same inflation rate was 4.6% in 2002. On the other hand, the news was better for government workers in 2002, the inflation rate was 1.6%. (See

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So for the most part, the 2024 federal wage increase will exceed the 4.8% federal employee wage increase approved in 1981 under the Carter administration.

Has created the 2024 GS Base Salary Rate Chart to provide readers with initial information.

Although we won’t know the inflation percentage for each zone price until later this year, you can calculate in advance an estimate of the change in base price rates for each GS price band in the event of recent regional price declines.

The table below shows the 2024 GS salary scale based on the government’s expected 2024 salary increase of 5.2% and the 2024 General Schedule (GS) salary increase of 4.7%.

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Why only 4.7% and not 5.2%? The average raise is around 5.2% and the annual salary increase is announced every year, which means it includes a general increase and an amount allocated to regional salaries. Because the President proposed a 4.7% salary increase and a 0.5% regional salary increase in his Alternative Compensation Plan letter, we have used the 4.7% figure in the 2024 GS salary scale table.

Please note that the 2024 GS salary scale will not be complete until OPM releases the final numbers after finalizing the 2024 Federal Salary Increase Executive Decision. In most years, this occurs in December. Last year, an executive order was issued on December 23 implementing the 2023 federal wage increase.

This means that there will be an adjustment in the final calculations. The final adjustment will show a larger increase for areas that receive higher rates. This of course includes higher prices for cities due to local prices. Here are the 2023 GS salary tables for each district.

In a new Federal Register notice published on June 28, 2023, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) proposed four new pay zones. These four are:

Military Pay Charts

Please note that this list is preliminary and not yet complete. These four locations will likely be approved to complete the 2024 regional pay schedule by the end of 2023. We won’t know price increases for these new locations until OPM announces 2024 pay rates.

The 2023 GS salary scale is based on an average salary increase of 4.6%. The 2023 federal wage increase will be an overall increase of 4.1% and 0.5% for local wages.

© 2023 Ralph R. Smith. Stay strong. This article may not be reproduced without permission from Ralph R. Smith.

Ralph Smith has worked in government human resources for decades. He has written extensively on a variety of human resources topics in books and magazines and is the co-founder of two public human resources companies and publications. Follow Ralph on Twitter: @RalphSmith47

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AFGE Annuity Arrears Funding COLA COVID CSRS Data Sharing Donald Trump’s Election Employee Relations Election Resolution FEGLI FEHB FERS FLRA FRTIB GAO Supplemental Guidance Government Shutdown Act Hatch Holidays IRA Inflation IRS Relations Work District Wage Medicare MSPB Temporary Office OPM Salary Increase Policy Postal Insurance Roth Social Security Taxes Telework Travel TSP VA Unions Whistleblower Vaccinations This article provides the latest news and information on changes to the General Schedule (GS), including anticipated changes to the White House and Congress plans.

The GS pay scale provides annual basic pay or pay scales, in addition to local pay adjustments, for civil servants and their associated parties. In the sections below you can see the brand’s changes/steps and tweaks over the years.

2024 Projection – At this stage, GS price growth in 2024 is expected to be between 2% and 4% as inflation declines. I will post updates as CPI and COLA information becomes available.

Higher than average inflation levels and record cost of living adjustments (COLA) for 2023, most experts predicted record pay for workers on the GS pay scale.

El Pueblo Vol. 2, No. 05

This was confirmed by President Biden’s executive order and funding federal spending bill, which was consistent with the original pay plan letter and guaranteed a 4.6% GS pay scale increase for federal employees in 2023.

Please note that the 2023 federal wage increase covers an average of 0.5% of local wages and will vary by region (see the sections below for details). However, the 4.1% increment will be the same for all civil servants covered by the GS pay scale.

See the updated 2023 GS pay scale table (document) which shows a 4.1% increase, not a local rate increase of 0.5%. The price increase will apply from January 1, 2023.

[Update December 23, 2022] President Biden Endorsed by Executive Order (EO)

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