Va Opm Pay Scale Title 38

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Va Opm Pay Scale Title 38 – 1 Title 38 and Title 38 Hybrid Employees Articles Agenda Objectives Discussion Topics Title 38 Hybrids Article 56 Training and Development and Rewards Title 38 Agenda Group Questions Additional Questions 2 Objectives At the end of the article This guide, you will be able to identify important changes, remove. , and in addition to the item , refer to Section 38 and Section 38 Hybrid Employees in the following: Employment Review and Advance and Pay Section 38 VA/AFGE Standards Board General Agreement Training 1

2 Covering the process of promotion, promotion and review for employees working in the position 38. Article 56. Article 38. Mixed employees. 4. Article 56, Section 2D. Disclosure and Appeals ** The Department will provide copies of the appropriate standards to employees. and during the recently published model. The local organization will receive copies of: 1. Current and/or revised standards 2. Location of the Board of Directors 3. Copies of the Department of Labor for all mixed jobs ** Chapter 56 , Section 2D 5 Chapter 56: Policy Support Service and Review Procedures Chapter 38 Mixed Chapter 56 Chapter 3 Policy Support of overall performance and below Chapter 56 Chapter 4 Promotion policy above achievement Chapter 56 Chapter 5 Review process Chapter 56 Chapter 6 Review for promotion at higher levels through VA/AFGE General Agreement Training 2

Va Opm Pay Scale Title 38

3 Article 56, Article 9 Publications The competitive process for employees who are dissatisfied with the overall performance must be in accordance with Article 23, Sections 8, 13, 15 and 16. ** All eligible employees must have equal training opportunities to oversee the above-mentioned job evaluations. level of work. ** ** Chapter 38 Hybrid support for a period of more than 60 days is based on a competitive process. ** Chapter 56, Section 9B 7 Chapter 56, Chapter 10 Temporary Support, Expansion, and Reassignment Temporary support, summary, and reassignment for Title 38 Hybrid employees must as follows: Chapter 12, Content and Temporary Support Chapter 13, Return, Return, and Transfer 8 Chapter 56, Chapter 11 Request for Authorization ** An employee comes Voluntarily submit a request for placement, and the Department will consider it, if the employee believes that the duties of the job have changed significantly since the last placement. The employee will provide as much information as he or she is able to provide regarding these changes, including, but not limited to, job changes affecting the employee’s eligibility criteria. as the employee understands, and the time spent on the job. work on top of work when demand increases. ** Chapter 56, Section VA / Study 3 of the AFGE General Agreement

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4 During the first appointment and upon request, the staff will provide a current work report. Whenever possible, employees will be given the opportunity to help prepare their PD/work instructions. ** Copies of current PDs for room meetings will be provided to the local union upon request. ** Chapter 56, Chapter 13C Chapter 56, Chapter 13 PDs/Function Statements 10 Chapter 56, Chapter 14 Downgrade What is your right? 11 ** The organization will be involved before the Institute has started the research to determine the bonus amount. The pre-decision process will include all the details related to the evaluation. **Chapter 56, Chapter 11 Chapter 56, Chapter 15 Special Education Funding VA/AFGE Appropriations of Education 4

5 Chapter 52, Chapter 38 Legal Support Chapter 59, Technical Skills Chapter 61, Chapter 38 Publications Without Section 38 Work and Support 13 Chapter 52 Chapter 38 Payment for Increases will be made in two pay periods from the date of entry into the increase. . The decision on the priority will be given in writing within ten working days after completion. Managers will monitor and review performance and hold performance meetings as needed. 14 Article 59 Qualification 90 days before the notification of the deadline for qualification review 60 days to provide information Evaluation of the next board after the period of evaluation The employee receives current and updated copy explaining the negative if not raised Eligibility will be timely VA/ General Training AFGE 5 approval

6 Article 61 Article 38 Publications The minimum period for the publication of employees is 14 days. The qualifications of the position are clearly stated and present. All employees will have a fair and equitable opportunity to compete for selection for the advertised position. Employees will now receive a decision before the Union will join in advance and can make recommendations about the structure that should be used to create the appropriate meeting room. The agency will provide copies of all relevant work 16 Chapter 53, Clinical trials, Chapter 54, Chapter 38 Medical supervision, Chapter 55, Payment of doctors and specialists dental, Chapter 38 Investigations and Payments, Chapter 17 Notice of Changes in Practice Participation Participation is a Service Program/Accreditation Chapter 53 Clinical Trials VA/AFGE Technical Approval

7 Evening Pay Holiday Pay Federal Holiday Pay Overtime On Call Time Paid Chapter 54 Title 38 Nursing Research 19 Step 1 15 up one step each two years. Tax rates are published on the website of the Ministry of Labor. To review the cost of payment every two years, VHA will facilitate a meeting with three representatives to receive input on the physician/dentist payment system. Chapter 55 Compensation of VHA Physicians and Dentists 20 Chapter 57, Directors of Physical Standards Chapter 58, Board of Professional Standards Chapter 60, Chapter 38 Representation to Boards or Hearing Section 38 Director of Standards Section VA/AFGE Technical Approval 7

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8 Chapter 38 Operating Procedures 22 Chapter 57 Physical Review Board **This is for Chapter 38 employees only and is for informational purposes only. Physical Standards Board (PSB) procedures and/or inspection and review procedures for Title 38 personnel are governed by 38 USC and VA Book 5019.** If the Department determines that the Title 38 employee is physically or mentally unable to perform their duties, ** The agency notifies the employee in writing of the specific reason **. The employee has the right to meet with the referring doctor and provide oral and written evidence** from their doctor/consultant** prior to the referral. At all meetings, the employee has the right to be represented by the Trade Union ** and must be informed of that right **. Chapter 57, Chapter 1 23 Employees’ rights: Union representation Knowledge of their rights Temporary adjustment Medical examination may lead to: Transfer to another job Termination Chapter 57, Chapter 4 VA/AFGE General Procedures Training Agreement 8

9 Section 5. Appeal Procedures. Chapter 57, Sections 5 and 6. In the event of termination, the employee may use the appeal process set forth in VA HDBK 5019, Section III. Chapter 6 Assistance will provide counseling to eligible workers regarding disability retirement. The Office can initiate applications for employees who cannot do it themselves. If necessary, the Department will offer lower positions to qualified employees. 25 ** All information about the employee’s examination and subsequent personal information contained in the disability pension application is confidential and only to disclose to those who have the necessary control or to the authorized personnel. All disclosures will be made to the employee in writing. **Chapter 57, Chapter 7 Chapter 57, Chapter 7 Confidential 26 Team Activities Finding Articles VA/AFGE Academic Approval 9

10 Investigative Action An article that the decision will be announced in writing within ten working days of the action? Article 52, Article 38 Legal Support Article 54, Article 38 Patient Care Article 59, Additional Articles and/or Sentences. 28 Knowledge Test Task Which sentence states that as a Title 38 Hybrid employee, you can have job instructions instead of a job description? Chapter 52, Chapter 38 Development Chapter 56, Chapter 38 Hybrids Chapter 59, Intelligence also named chapter. 29 Functional Testing An article states that employees will be notified when they are selected for testing, and that part of the notification will be the result of non-cooperation? Chapter 56 Title 38 Hybrids Chapter 57 Body Model Joints Chapter 59 Additional Qualification Title Chapter VA/AFGE General Approval Education 10

11 Research Analysis Which sentence states that participation in the study is voluntary and that the participating workers will be paid for their participation? 31 Question 32 What to do next? Master Agreement Training for VCS VA/AFGE 11 Personnel

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Title 38 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) Page 1 What is the most important point that is often overlooked and must be completed in order to be promoted to RN? Answer; Description; Yes

MS 620 Direct Hire Merit Selection and Promotion Effective Date: January 7, 2013 Office Responsibilities: Personnel Management Supersedes: 2/2/11; 07/05/95; MS 620-1/9/84, 11/22/76 MS261-8/4/87 About

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Performance evaluation Chapters 9, 10, 16, 23, 27 and 40 Process Objectives Discussion points Chapter 9, Distribution Chapter 10, Skills 16, Awards and recognition of employees Section 23,

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